My Lil’ Classic Survival Guide Part 2

There are so many things that are different between retail and the original inception.  Aside from obvious things like “No Garrisons” and “No flying, ever” and “Professions only require one material”.  Here are some additional things to know before you jump in and find out that Warcraft really wasn’t that easy.

Food Costs Money, Water Costs Money

Even for mages.  While they can make their own food, it’s typically 5-10 levels behind what they need during leveling, and they had the largest mana pool of any class – try filling a level 30’s mana pool with level 15 water.  You still buy water.  And since every ranged class uses mana, you’re going to go through a ton of it.

You have to buy these things most of the time, which means you have even less money to buy your skills, and after 40 levels you’ll have no money to buy your mount so you get to hump it all over until you do get the funds.  After 40 however, the coin rewards from quests and vendor trash begin to get a lot larger, so that’s why you’ll see people generally get their mounts in the mid to late 40s.  When you get to level 45, a stack of food is going to run you about 1.6g before discounts.  In a world without dailies and low value vendor trash, this is a small fortune!

For the majority of classes, you need to refill your health pool quickly, because this eliminates downtime and prevents you from hitting respawn timers.  Drinking to refill mana typically takes 21-40 seconds and eating from near death generally takes about 20 seconds.  The average person will need to do either or both every 2-3 pulls.  That’s a ton of future gold reserves when you add it all up.  There are several solutions here.

Eat what you loot.  The problem here is that mobs tend to drop less superior foods, requiring you to have to eat more of it and waste time.

Beg mages for them.  Mages have nothing better to do than cast “Conjure Water” 3-4 times to make you a stack of crappy water, and then drink for 30 seconds after.  While we all treated mages like vending machines back then, you should not ask them for their wares unless you are willing to tip for the favor.  It’s just rude.

Best solution: Learn fishing, cooking, and first aid, because (to quote Roguecraft) that’s what they’re fucking there for.  Fishing can be long and frustrating in this content, because you have a 30 second cast timer and the fish has the opportunity to get away.  The easiest way to prevent missed catches is to be of the appropriate skill level, so use lures when needed.  The zone will also match the fishing skill, so if it is a level 30 zone, then missed catches will be lesser if you have about 150 fishing.  Take the zone’s level and multiply by 5, that’s where you should be to prevent missed catches.

You want to get your fishing to the maximum level for your character level as soon as possible, and since you’re going to probably spend 2 weeks played getting to 60 anyhow, this is a small sacrifice of your time.  At level 10 you can learn Journeyman fishing from the trainer, at 20 you can learn Expert from the book the fishing supplier sells in Booty Bay, and at 35 you can embark on Nat Pagle’s quest line to get Artisan.  Keep in mind Nat doesn’t reward a fishing pole in this content, to get the best poles you either have to win the fishing tournament (good luck with that) or buy underwater breathing potions and spend an hour opening Clacker cages in southwestern Desolace.  Neither are necessary while leveling to 60.

Cooking goes in hand with Fishing.  If you didn’t make that correlation already, you aren’t paying attention.  Fishing will make leveling cooking an absolute breeze, while you can also good the raw meats you will find while leveling.  Cook Brilliant Smallfish to 50, Longjaw Mudsnappers to 100, and go to your respective faction’s vendor to buy Bristle Whisker Catfish because this will be your primary means of leveling to about 170/180.  From 170 to 190 you will cook up appropriate meats until you can make Rockscale Cod.  Mystery Meat will provide you with the means to level to the 240 range, and beyond this you will be cooking up whatever meats you can find until you can fish Azshara for the level 45 foods.  Blizzard did NOT implement level 55 foods that you could cook up, only mages have that stuff and only after they do their class quest for level 55 water and get the drop in Strat for their 55 food.  (This is why mages were vending machines at 60, they controlled the high level food.  Yay for advantages!)

Training cooking will require the same levels as other professions (10/20/35), with the book available for Expert training from a faction vendor (who is always a nice long jog).  To learn Artisan, you get to visit Dirge in Gadgetzan who sends you off to collect materials while questing.

If you keep up with both, you will hardly spent any gold on needed foods saving you a small fortune for things like new spell ranks and your possible mount training at 40.

First Aid is also going to be a lifesaver for you, provided you keep up with it.  You know what to do here, just convert the cloth you find into bandages, and use them every two minutes when you are in desperate need for a quick pickup.  If you have the ability to CC, often times this will mean the difference between a 2 minute GY run and just spending a few seconds drinking/eating.  The books to train to Expert are in Arathi Highlands for Alliance and Dustwallow Marsh for Horde, so don’t run around vendoring your silk because you haven’t gotten to those zones yet.  Further, there is no need to buy them off the AH, they are NOT drops unlike some poison guides.

Bonus: I can’t say enough for potions, they each have 2 minute shared cooldowns but if you are fishing and come across Floating Wreckage, you can retain them from the chests you will fish up.  If you spend a healthy amount of time fishing, you will never need to buy them off the auction house.  Unless you are an alchemist, in which case you can just make your own!  Effective use of them is at your discretion, I often use health pots on overpull mistakes, and I use mana pots while drinking just to speed things up.  Time it right, because the CD can cost you if you make your next pull a bad one.

Class Selection

Part of what made Classic Warcraft insanely fun and challenging was that each class had severe strengths and weaknesses when it came to leveling.  At this point in history, you didn’t have all the signature skills at level 10, and you often struggled to hit levels where you were granted the skills you love today.  Several classes were unfinished and could not perform the tasks like you think they should.  Essentially, this is not your grandkid’s Warcraft!

Hardest to Level

  • Paladin
  • Warrior
  • Druid

Paladins do not get ANY of the toys you know them for today and are essentially auto-attacking with some Judgements and auras helping.  You have to refresh seals after every Judgement.  They stack spellpower, and if you have access to a ton of it you can perform decently in either prot or ret specs.  Paladins were primarily healers in Classic, and if you go to a dungeon don’t be surprised if you have to respec to holy just to get a slot.  If you want to tank you are probably going to get put on ignore.

Warriors are THE tanks of Classic.  Dungeon group?  Tank.  Raid?  Tank.  PvP?  Arms.  They are the most gear dependent class in the game, with their lack of performance being felt immediately when you overpull a group of mobs and getting hit like a train while hitting the mobs feels like you’re gear is broken.  The reason warriors tended to almost always level blacksmithing was because they needed gear all the time.  Getting rage at early levels feels fruitless.  But at 60, they become wrecking balls.  Get ready to sword and board until you can find a 2-hander, but get wrecked because you haven’t got any mitigation or CC.

Druids were almost strictly healers in this time.  Rolling Bear tank required a hotshot healer, Kitty form was a joke and you don’t get it until 20, and Moonkins go OOM in seconds.  Mage have no where the drinking problem that Boomchickens have.  So that leaves you with Resto, which is where you shined.  Leveling will ask you to play an awkward combination of Balance and Bear form, until 20 when you can choose to go Kitty, but why would you since the spec is really weak without gear?  I knew several high ranked Feral PvPers back in Classic, but it takes a ton of patience on your part to get to that point.  If you want a slot in leveling dungeons, always have a Resto spec at the ready, and to be fair you should just stay in it and dungeon crawl.

Easiest to Level

  • Hunter
  • Mage
  • Rogue
  • Warlock
  • Priest
  • Shaman

Outside of the Shaman, the others are pretty well like you know them with the exception of shamans which are dual wielding burst machines, and only if you’re Horde.  Rogues get the benefit of never being seen, Warlocks have unlimited fear, Mages have polymorphs and can burst things to shreds, and priests have the benefit of not needing to respec out of holy to heal dungeons (Discipline is a joke here).  Hunters, outside of AFK Autoshot, simply required a person to have some knowledge of how to spec a pet, while learning the various pet skills out in the world.  They are by far the easiest class to level.  While Shamans still feel unfinished, you will see where the attention to class performance came in with the others.

Dungeon Groups

This isn’t retail.  If you played Cataclysm at release, you saw something similar to what we as Classic/TBC players saw on a routine basis.  Most every class has a responsibility on almost every pull besides “kill the mob”.  Crowd Control (CC) is extremely important, healers were simply not going to be able to have the throughput needed to heal a tank with 3-4 elite mobs beating on a tank.  Non-tanks would typically drop dead if they pulled aggro off a tank and didn’t pay attention to their threat.  These are not sprints, they are marathons.  If you get too far ahead of yourself you’ll wipe the group and everyone will be thrilled with the run back to the instance.

The Tank is considered the party leader ALWAYS.  They tell you who to CC and which mob to kill.  Unless you outgear the content AOE is bad form.  Learn your class (which was performed through the 2 week played leveling process, sigh) and learn the universally accepted raid markers.  Skull means kill, and stop dotting up the sheeps.  Here are the markers for those that are unaware or too old to remember:

Skull:  Kill this target first.  Do not pass Go, do not collect $200.

Red X:  Your second kill target, should there not be enough CC the tank will mark another target with this, indicating that you should allow the tank to have threat on the target and not pull it off as it will be a live mob.  Watch your dots.

Star:  Rogue’s sap.  These will generally be the 2nd target to kill after a Skull dies unless an X is given.  Rogues cannot resap a target in combat.

Blue Square:  Hunter’s trap.  You have to kite the target into the trap, and unlike retail you cannot reset the trap again in combat.  These will generally be a 2nd kill target as well.  You can tell a good hunter just from this ability.

Moon:  Mage’s sheep.  These are going to be the last to die generally, because mages can re-polymorph as long as the have mana.

Purple Diamond:  Warlock CC.  Succubus/Enslave/Banish.  This does not mean fear like it does in retail.  Fearing in an instance is the dumbest thing you can do, as mobs do not stay in place and will fear into friends who will pull and give you a nice 10 minute run-back.  Because the CC is castable again in combat, these targets are also left for the end.

Green Triangle:  Shaman’s Hex, Druid’s Roots.  If both are in the party and one is a healer, the non-healer is expected to do the job.

Orange Circle (the Condom):  Priest’s Mind Control or Shackle.  Rarely will you be asked to Mind Control unless it is a particular pull, but Shackle is used all the time in Strat and Scholo.  It is recastable in combat, and a last kill target.

Remember if you are playing Classic today, there’s not many places to go should you want to be a ninja or play with bad manners and attitude.  When you’re leveling, and want to get groups together, the best thing you can do is be friendly and outgoing.  There are no LFD buttons to push, you will see these people again, and getting blacklisted is about the worst thing you can do because word spreads really fast.  There are no name changes, your only option will be to reroll if you get a terrible rep.  Dungeon groups also take a while to form, and leaving in the middle of them is extremely bad form.

Trash in dungeons typically respawns after 60-90 minutes, so having to reclear is not fun.  People know this so removing people from groups is really a hard process because you have to go back outside and find someone to take their place.  Unless you have a warlock with you, there are no summons, either.  People have to make their way to the dungeon.  This is why blacklists and ignore lists are formed – to remove the rabble and send them back to retail for Blizzard to worry about.

If you are new to the dungeon or need help, always ask.  People are generally wanting to help, because you’re going to be there a while.  As you progress in levels, dungeons get longer and longer.  For example, while Deadmines may only take about an hour and a half to clear, some later dungeons like Scholo, Mara, and Sunken Temple could take as long as 3 hours to clear.  Strat Dead is going to be the fastest dungeon, mostly because it’s a timed run but plan on at least an hour and a half to two hours.

Keep in mind that most people you’ll be playing with haven’t seen this content in nearly 5 years, and this content at this point in time was not refined or changed as in later expansions.  You’re seeing the content as it was presented in 2006, not prior to the Cataclysm where mob health was adjusted.  Best advice, play smart and slow.  Nobody likes wipes and they often destroy parties.

Enchanting Sucks, Unless You Raid

And even then getting the raid recipes will prove difficult because guilds select who will receive all recipes first.  That’s not to say that you shouldn’t have an enchanter so you can disenchant greens and acquire materials for yourself through other means like crafting and world drops.  Those materials will then be used to tip other enchanters to acquire enchants you want.  You will also be able to vendor soulbound quest rewards, thus improving your overall wealth.

Do yourself a favor, spend the hour to roll a character you don’t care about to level 5 so you can acquire the profession.  Enchanters in this time did not have to have a specific level in order to disenchant items, although they did require you to have the levels to learn the different tiers of the profession.  In other words, you can disenchant everything in the game at level 5.  You’ll also level to about 50 just disenchanting pieces you mail yourself.

There are NO vellums, those did not arrive until Wrath with the introduction of inscription.  If you want to sell your wares as an enchanter, you have to spam trade looking for buyers, and then meeting them somewhere in the game.  Further, you were working for tips, so having that Spellpower or Intellect enchant generally meant you were getting 2-3g from cheap bastards, who probably blew 150g on the mats to make it.  It was more a labor of love.  Worse, you were often enchanting your guild’s gear so anytime someone picked up a new weapon, you were running all over the world.  Best to be a mage with the profession because guildies were always in Darnassus for some reason when they needed the enchants.

Learn the needs of the various classes before you disenchant those items.  “of the Bear” was highly desired by Warriors, whereas Gorilla was needed by Paladins.  Visiting the Auction House with certain pieces could be a better place than as dust in your bags.

Professions for Profit

I’ve gone into fishing, but the best profession to have during Classic was Alchemy.  Raiders, PvPers, and levelers want potions, and Classic Alchemy delivered.

Unlike current retail, where the elixirs only allow you a Guardian and a Battle version. There is no cap on the number of elixir types you can have ticking, and people need what you are selling constantly.  Some of the best things to make were through fishing as well…

Free Action Potion – For 30 seconds you are immune to stuns and roots.  Flag carrier in WSG?  No problem, especially if you are a druid with speed boost in cheetah sprinting across the mid with this power up.

Health and Mana Pots – These go without saying, and while it was considered bad form to use a potion in a PvP setting, it’s all about the amount of kills you make per week, not just participating.

Water Breathing – Again fishing wins.  There are so many places to use these things in both leveling and out in the world, they are indispensable. Many of the quests take you under water, and with a 60 second breath timer for everyone but Forsaken and Druids, prepare to find buyers for these.

Buff Elixirs – Strength, Agility, Intellect, Fortitude, Mana and Health Regen, Spellpowers and Armor.  All usable at the same time.  Raiders have to farm for weeks to retain these for their raids.

Resistance Potions – You can’t kill Ragnaros or Huhu unless you’re rolling these potions.  They were considered stronger than health potions and guilds would often buy them and their reagents in bulk off the AH.  Everyone would keep them on hand.  They were also a blast to use in BGs, because you would be immune to most of the casters in the game.  They come in all the different flavors.

Transmutes – How do you get Thunderfury?  By bribing an army of Alchemists.

Toys and Piss-Off-People Pots – Elixir of Dream Vision could take you into areas to look around.  Gift of Arthas would give melee something to remember you by if they touched you.  Some potions detected undead, demons, and stealthed NPCs/players.  If you have no flares, Cat’s Eye was the next best thing and cheap, too.

Flasks – If you are fortunate enough to get into a Scholo run and have a ton of mats, you can make these at a profit almost all the time.  For the most part raiders will take care of themselves, but when you have BGs and weekly honor requirements, many people will take any advantage they can get.

Alchemy is the king of the professions in Classic.  Other professions pale in comparison to the sheer amount of gold opportunity you have otherwise.  The profession is not like the others where a person only needs them every so often, with Alchemy you have a mobile slot machine.

This concludes Part 2 of my Lil’ Survival Guide for Classic.  If you like what you’re reading, please be sure to comment, and if you have any suggestions for future guides please let me know.
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The Good News Is…

I don’t normally disclose my tactics ahead of a patch, but I will make an exception for you here.  I do it… for the people.

Bob Odenkirk circa 1997, and ahh yes, we meet again 180p.

I want to talk about a common topic today that arrives after every PTR patch launch, and that is stockpiling for 6.2.  This isn’t a troll post, there’s some damned fine critical thinking going on in here!

The issue with stockpiling anything for 6.2 is that we are looking down the barrel of a loaded gun, we could all be wrong and it will blow our damned head off like Daffy Duck.  6.2 is probably 2 months out from now, I’m thinking a mid-June release date.  If nothing earth shattering happens between now and then, we’re looking at severe price normalization.  Garrisons are going to produce insane levels of reagents in this patch with the number of people who will stockpile Rush Orders, primal spirits and garrison resources; especially since Rush Orders will produce 100% more reagents when used.

The Plague

That being said, I would avoid the following items on busy servers:

Temporal Crystals – While it’s still advisable to perform daily CDs on these, Rush Orders are going to make it possible to generate oodles of Fractured TCs the first minute the patch is released causing widespread price shock.  People will not be killing bosses immediately and progress will be slow giving time for the entire server population to go nuts with crafting and dump them on the open market.  I learned my lesson about this expansion’s progression with 6.1’s release, where we had massive amounts of transfers coming over to Illidan and dropping the price on crystals while demand was low.  Not that I’m proclaiming I won’t get fooled again, I’m proclaiming that pricing is flat out not going to be pretty enough for me to ask it out.

Fractured Temporal Crystals – See Temporal Crystals.  Crafting these via Rush Orders right now will be a bad idea as you’ll receive half the materials.  Crafting them via Primal Spirits is still a poor idea regardless.

Sorcerous Elements – With Rush Orders come lots of these, especially on larger servers.  People are also stockpiling them like mad right now in anticipation of a heavy Felblight market so they can upgrade the hell out of those 685 pieces.  While this is smart business, I’m anticipating market prices to hit the shitter on patch day as everyone tries to cash in on their adjusted prices and then causes a panic as they dump them.  Best to probably wait for patch day to buy them.

Alchemical Catalysts (Cats) – Since we’re entering the official second tier of raiding and Blackrock has been considered old news for a while now, I would only collect these if you’re making them yourself and not receiving good prices on them.  It makes sense to unload them asap so as not to absorb market fluctuation.  For myself, I’ve found it easiest to get rid of these through Alchemy transmutes of all flavors.  Because herbs are going to probably have price issues after release, flasks are going to probably lag behind as demand wanes.  Realistically if you can make money on anything besides flasks with these, I’d bet on those odds instead of laying against the flasks to have better pricing.

Savage Blood – These are going to continue to fall in price.  If you harvested your bloods and cannot eliminate the stock right now, you could always keep them around for upgrade tokens in 6.2.  The player base will be returning this summer and will be looking for quick upgrades so they can get up to speed from Blackrock with Heroic 715 level BOEs.  Most people’s attention will be on cashing in primals for the half-off Savage Bloods and chasing down Felblights and not grouping to trap wolves and clefthoofs.  One would believe the price of them would rise in that vacuum, but if you’re on my server, the duper spam will be incoming.  Groups to farm them are not nearly as present as they were a month ago, so the seedy underbelly of Warcraft’s material supply market will probably fall all over themselves to supply ridiculous amounts for the greedy fencing goblins to race to the bottom with at the local AH.  That is unless Blizzard fixes the duping issues that they claim do not exist.  Be right back, laughing so hard I’m going to hurt myself.

BOEs – I’d be very careful about going into the patch with any of these things in stock.  My experience has taught me that people want them, but the cost to make the first stage of the BOE is a lost opportunity.  It costs you 100 of a crafted reagent to make them, but the reagent could have been used to craft upgrades.  The lone exception on these will be weapons, as non-Mythic raiders will immediately desire upgrades to ilvl 705 weapons with perfect stats.  The PvP audience will be limited because they’re already rolling around 10 ilvls below so it’s hard to say if it will be worth it for them, and most people that are good at PvP won’t be waiting too long to get their new weapons anyhow.


The things to look into buying will be (I’ll leave it to you for interpretation):

Draenic Dust – You cannot perform Rush Orders without it.  Expect the price of it to spike briefly after release as people start going through all their rush orders and long neglected accounts load up their work orders.  Further, once the price relaxes, people will again go back to using it for lesser enchants so having several hundred stacks of it laying around will be useful as LFRs are released and trade posts refuse to spawn the dust trader.  Thank me later.

Luminous Shards – Used exclusively for lesser enchants and daily CDs.  I would not suggest paying retail on these, but finding creative ways to go about getting your supply of them.  Depending on server demand, I would recommend a two week supply at minimum.

Ores – Again, Rush Orders and primal spirit crafting.  You cannot upgrade weapons without the reagents, and the prices have (at least here) relaxed since March.  Jewelcrafters are going to go nuts with the demand since Epic Gems make their long waited reappearance.  Miners will beat their heads against nodes in Tanaan at release but it’s going to be packed, and about a week after 6.2 releases you’ll see bots running all over themselves.  Get your “Report Player” macro ready!

Furs – If you’re like me, you’re overstocking this in your Garrison outhouse because you ran out of space.  My followers clean up with nothing but the finest in asswipe.  The market will demand this material because for many servers it is THE cheapest exchange for primal spirits.  Don’t get stuck paying full market retail in 6.2, because people will be skinning like maniacs come the opening of Tanaan Isle so have a nice stockpile around for when you need to supply 100% of the server with Epic Gems to upgrade that pretty gear they got out of Blackrock and the new raid.  Yes, I said Isle, because the this is the new Timeless Isle and most everyone will be spending time there collecting it while the smart people will be consulting my patented “Trader Schedule”.

Leather – I’m fairly certain people will wonder why here, but leatherworking has been one of my favorite professions going all the way back to TBC.  You supply so many different classes who also happen to be mostly hybrids – Druids, Shamans, Monks, Rogues and Hunters.  That’s almost half the freaking classes in the game, and with TJ promising to be the next stop for everyone with a skinner chasing Felblight, it’s possible we may see a slight shortage of mats at good prices.  I would suggest keeping a solid supply around, enough to make reagents for tokens and to execute daily CDs and WOs.

Herbs – Right now we aren’t assured we’ll see non-Tanaan Jungle contain herb nodes in any real quantity, the whole place looks corrupted and will play the RNG game for herbalists.  First, if the spawn points are anything like Timeless Isle was, collection is going to be brutal and you should expect bots to make an appearance within a week.  Second, when gathering anything, you usually want to see herbs of specific types.  That won’t be the case in Tanaan, and more than likely we’ll see even distribution of all herbs.  So the best place to get the herbs you want will be from the Garrison, as per usual with this expansion.  Lots of people will also be gathering at release, so get these as cheap as you can in the meantime.

Fish – Wait, what?  Why not just save it for Tanaan?  The issue is that you have new content, and we haven’t seen any new cooking recipes giving up the feasts or noodle carts giving everyone free +stats buffs.  The demand for high end foods (for good servers) should be nothing short of astounding.  Cutting edge raiders and tryhards are going to bring everything they can to the party including an extra 25 stats, and most important they just buy the crap they need.  While fishing is supposed to yield Felblights, reports I’m hearing state that they are from pools only so fishing bots are probably going to get killed here while others are going to fight over pools just like an STV fishing tournament.  Meanwhile, the smart play is to insure you have several thousand of each fish/meat type and don’t forget to stock the Crescent Saberfish while they’re cheap.  Come patch day the prices will escalate back to normal if not well above normal.

Crafted Reagents – All of them.  Stop making upgrade tokens RIGHT NOW.  All of them.  Don’t make another one.  Let the market go to hell and let everyone else blow their wads on it.  There’s almost no reason at this point to eliminate costly crafted reagents by selling dangerously underpriced upgrade tokens when the lowest cost reagents will take a week or two to replenish without Rush Orders or primal spirit recipes.  In case you don’t know what they are, these are the things you get for the various armor professions from daily CDs, work orders, or primal recipes.  Jewelcrafting will probably have the largest boom from all of this, because people with JCs will now have a massive choice to make between “make epic gems” or “make rares” or “make upgrades”.  Inscription will also have enormous demand as people who were unlucky with trinkets will want a heroic upgrade.  There are TWO levels of upgrades here with Mighty and Savage, both requiring insanely high amounts of the crafted reagents (175 and 350 reagents each respectively, with 30 and 60 Felblights required respectively).  Epic gems are going to require only 100 while requiring 15 Felblights.

The jury is still out as to how common Felblight will actually become and if either bots or dupers will destroy the prices in the market first.  I would probably hold onto some extra gold for purchasing the Felblights until we get further information.  If they become a rarer drop, expect prices to go nuts for quite a while.  If you’re into farming for “free” mats, dust off a gatherer or fisherman and go check the drop rate for us.

Primal Spirits – These will be used to craft the extra crafted reagents when you get short.  If you choose not to stock these, then you’ll probably be run out of the high end markets very, very quickly.  Watch for your favorite trader now.


As with all stockpiling, don’t go too heavy into collecting too many things.  I would encourage at most 40% of your bankroll so you don’t get hurt too bad.  You want to hedge heavily whenever stockpiling anything because if one market craters, you can at least make it up in another, or at least eliminate the stock all together in the AH and get some of your investment back.  And you treat this almost like gambling, as unforeseen forces can cause havoc.  We can’t all predict the future, but you can at least try.

I’ve always stockpiled as I went along so that I can take advantage of price escalations and market shortages.  I’ve got the kind of funds to not care if I get vendor price for things (it’s happened by the way, I vendored a ton of MoP items that I miscalled) and only put money on the table that I can afford to piss away.  With this being gold, you shouldn’t care anyhow!  If you disagree or have another idea or want to point out typos, please comment below!

Bugsy:  So?  It’s only dirty paper.  I’ll make more!

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Did You Stockpile for Blackrock?

Well didja?  If not, there’s still time left.  Unless you’re on my server, where prices will be maintained at their usual “holy shit what are people thinking” levels.

This is getting silly at an average of 553g per.

Stockpiling…  a word not commonly used anymore because everyone is rolling Just-In-Time it would seem.  Why stockpile things, right?  Economies are dead, professions are dead, people don’t care about anything other than garrisons and maintaining enough materials to fill work orders.  This is basically what the big world is saying.  It’s also not surprising to me to see the vast majority of big names take breaks.  A break at this point?  Why, I’m just getting warmed up!

As an aside, truth be told, I have been enjoying Diablo 3 this past week, mostly because I need to do something besides collect gold from mailboxes and wipe on Imperator.  But I’m usually dual boxing it.  One machine watching the AH, the other blasting away at demons.  I wouldn’t say this is a break.  Break to me means you haven’t touched auctions in about a week or two, and haven’t considered logging in to check the live action that goes on every single day.  Of course, unless you’re on some dead server, then I guess you should have considered that a long time ago before you pressed on only to watch your mailbox fill up with returned auctions as everyone undercuts to the ground.

You know at this point in MoP, it would have been mid-December after the release.  I remember at that time I was just getting warmed up, and I was still a full month out from starting my blog – the blog started on a dare.  I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my stream of consciousness to date – I do it for the people.  Which people?  Me to know, you to find out.  But the point is, if there even is one, we’re a long way off from the finish line here.  Back then people were starting to cry loud and hard about those Tiller farms and how much work it was.  Back then people couldn’t be asked to do raids anymore because they were so boring.  Back then people were pissed off about the PvP situation because everything was so bursty.  Sound familiar?  Same cycle, different trek.

You have to be patient, you have to be consistent, you have to be willing to take risks, and you have to be willing to fail and learn from your mistakes.  Stockpiling is risk and fail wrapped into one, you have to call the market weeks and months ahead of time because if there’s a glut or shortage, you won’t be able to maintain a steady workflow and then the patience and consistency that comes with making millions very quickly goes off the rails.  And millions don’t come quickly, they come slowly at first, and everyone just sees the results of the work in the end but never sees the actual work itself.

I personally have tried to stockpile every single week since late November.  It’s been almost impossible to keep a continuous flow of raw materials on hand in several markets, specifically raiding and PvP markets.  Consumables are at insane demand levels and great margins, while durable products are at nominal levels and nominal prices.  What’s funny is this was the reverse trend of last few expansions for me.

It probably has to do with the death of JC/DE and the death of alchemy specializations, and to each I say good.  I hated both of those for years simply because they were a keybinder’s way of proclaiming auctionhouse genius.  Gimme a break.  Milling on the other hand still sucks, and if they had removed this entirely from the game I would be fine.  Glyphs should have gone another direction, but they remained the same, so I still despise them.  But arms trading remains incredibly profitable, and looks to be in the ballpark for the rest of the expansion, regardless if people are pissed that their items are now only worth a few thousand.  One has to look further than 100 of each mat, there’s opportunity there with each cooldown and work order.

In Case You Missed It, We Have a New Raid Opening

Blackrock is basically a new tier of opportunity.  I think this is what people are missing.  Unlike when they released Heart of Fear and the Sha of Stink raids, people have been beating their heads in for weeks collecting their BIS out of Highmaul.  Outside of the extreme raiders who finished weeks ago and have been working the PTR, I’m seeing over 260 guilds on my server that have made 6/7H or better progress.  Sure, some are dead and buried and disbanded, but that smells like an extreme profit situation to me.  Let me break this down, and you can apply it to your own server.

1) What’s the server population like here?  It’s insane, guilds are everywhere, people are recruiting constantly.  Everyone here wants to do better and some want to better deal their guilds and guilds want to better deal their weakest links.  People tend to wear their very best to fight nights, so there’s no shortage of money flowing through the AH to accomplish that.

2) What the progression like?  Guilds pride themselves on downing bosses quickly.  We have the #1 guild in the US on the server and several want to be like them and they play like it.  If you’re sitting in LFR on my server, you’re not in the game, and if you want to get in the game you better prepare to act-as-if.

3) What’s the economy like?  We have every duped item you can think of.  CGFs think Illidan when they consider what server to come hock their ill-gotten wares.  We have closet millionaires everywhere.  People like a good deal but they pay what it takes.  I have no idea where they’re getting their gold from to buy from me, I suspect it’s from any one of the people BadBoy catches… like one a second it seems some days.  On any given Tuesday, if I have the laptop open and keep posting, I’ll sell out of most everything at really solid profit levels.

4) Does your server have queues to get in usually around patch time?  Our queues are legendary.  People roll here and it’s almost a badge of pride to get a two hour wait on a raid night after content opens.  People avoid my server because of lag, wait times, elitism, and trade spam they can’t understand because they can’t read Mandarin.  These people are all future customers of mine.  I use the TSM App and check my Excel files and see hundreds of different buyers (and sellers) each week.

So why should I stockpile anything?  I should be parting with everything the second I get it, right?  The problem is there are market forces at work on my server just like any other apocalypse event.  When raids open, raw materials go up in price that day and that second.  I’ll give you an MoP First Tier example.

One of my greedy little pastimes back then was to dominate the weapon enchant market.  You really had two choices – everyone wants to dps or heal, nobody wants to tank.  So I saw Dancing Steel and Jade Spirit prices in the 10k range for a good while.  The problem with MoP was, shortage.  Enchanters could make one per day and if you chose to run LFR for your crystals, the gear wasn’t dropping.  The price of crystals sat accordingly high, because you needed TEN per enchant.  That meant a person could DE almost all of their gear and make one enchant.  Of course, demand of these petered off between content, but there was always a progression through different bosses.  Then the new content in Throne of Thunder came out and everyone in the gold community seemed to proclaim “there will be thousands of crystals appearing because people will DE their gear and prices will drop!”

It barely happened.  Prices of crystals actually went up again, and the cost of Dancing Steel and Jade Spirit went right with it.  By this time I had been buying hundreds of crystals per week so my costs were way down.  Once the new content opened, I was ready to kill it.  You probably saw me posting results in the half million gold range per week at the time, and this was one thing that contributed to it.  Of course, once the third tier came out with the Isle, prices were worse but the profits were just as good.  I work off projected profit and concrete pricing when buying, and my numbers stay the same as long as I have inventory to sell.  Adjusting on the fly would just be cheating and result in really off kilter results.  Regardless, during the first tier of content, I maintained extreme profits because I was always buying.

I don’t sit on my gold and roll around in it like some Scrooge McDuck, I invest it and spread it around to those willing to part with their goods for a reasonable price.  I then turn around and sell it to those that are willing to pay my price, I don’t undercut for the sake of undercutting… ever.  The stooges that blindly run Cancel/Posting addons have little to no idea what their actual profits and potential is during the week, but I do.  My big rule – if I’m forced to pull out of a market because my profit expectations cannot be met, I’ll wait and find the right buyer at a later time.  This is something that goes on in the real world all the time with most products.  You don’t make sales just to make sales, you’ll sell yourself broke.  I hold my inventory because I had to work to get it and then sell myself rich.

In the end, I stockpile naturally because it’s a habit and because I’ve developed my own formulas to manage profitability I keep the AH stripped of anything that might resemble a well price mat.  I might sell 300k in crap on a Tuesday, but I’ll turn around and reinvest those funds within about 3-5 days.  Since the beginning of WoD, I’ve built a guild bank loaded down with inventory of all types (200 stacking items isn’t nearly enough) while still hitting net profits in the range of 1.8 million in a little over 2 months.  Remember, I’m just getting started, I haven’t even finished several alts and we’re only in the first real tier.

And what do I deal in mostly?  Well you’ll have to take me to lunch to find that out.  Who knows, we may even discuss my favorite topics before we get to WoW.

You Learn Something New All the Time

I posted in Twitter on Superbowl Sunday that I found something out.

Yeah, so here it is.  In doing my Blackrock stockpile shopping this weekend I noticed something…  more mats were appearing than I have ever seen.  I normally buy several hundred of certain items per week, thousands of some, and dozens of others.  This weekend, I was blown away by how much gold I was parting with.  I knew it was going to be a mad dash for many to unload their mats, but when I hit a million in hard currency out the door this weekend I became very concerned.  Was the market crashing?  Are they duping freaking crystals, elementals, and herbs?  Was I the only smart person that wasn’t jumping into the life raft and still sailing full steam ahead?  Normally I don’t believe in joining the herd in anything, because usually the herd is running straight into the lion’s jaws because the herd normally jumps first, and then asks questions on the Consortium later.

So I asked some sellers I had bought things from on their items since they had several hundred of the things up, and that’s when it started falling into place.

Enter Bluehand, a massive seller of crystals I’d never seen before.  Was this guy a duper?  Was he just now selling his reserves?  Someone like myself makes 154 crystals per week, but I doubt they were like me since nobody is.  They were posting dozens of crystals, and I bought over 70 of the things when I decided to ask them the question – Will you give me a bulk discount off the AH?  They cut the price by 20g per, which I found agreeable.  Whoever they were was really excited and was willing to cut that price very quickly.  I got to questioning if it was something shady.  It turns out they were just getting some gold together because they ported from another server and were going to be raiding.  Lots of people port here so not a big deal, and people often come here to raid and have a guild in mind already.

Enter Arixiza, level 40 druid healer to the stars.  I went to buy some elements I needed for all those crystals I bought this weekend, noticing the person had posted several hundred at below my normal buying price.  I snapped up every last one.  Then they reposted several hundred more at prices above my range, and I started freaking out…  Are they duping elements now?  Surely not, let’s ask for a deal.  I sent a tell and they agreed to deal at the price I bought for previously and face to face.  This time I inquired…  how did you get all these?  Turns out they were unhappy with the price of TCGs on their server, so they ported a toon that could learn the mounts, along with an inventory of crap that sells for about half the price where they came from.  They figured this was a good time to do this because 6.1 is coming and the prices are going to fall with the new transmutes – whether or not they will is still up for discussion because they will more than likely have a daily CD attached to them and there’s no proc for a mastery anymore.

It was an ‘ah ha!’ moment for me.  People were dumping their trash on Illidan just to buy stuff and increase their gold count.  I had also tweeted over the weekend that if I was to just port to another server with gold and buy their cheap mats, I could double or triple my money.  Interesting how I foreshadowed this discovery – people were doing it to me all weekend with the mats and I was parting with hundreds of thousands of gold per hour.

Normally people do this with TCGs, but on Illidan, we’re one of the most expensive markets in the raiding universe.  Why?  Over 250 active raiding guilds doing end-Heroic and up content.  When you have that much gear dropping on a weekly basis, you put real strain on the Supply/Demand curve for enhancements and supplies.  Case in point – I love me some high end enchanting, always have.  I usually buy several hundred crystals and add that to the 154 I make every week.  On a normal week I’m lucky to snag about 200-300 at reasonable prices that allow for acceptable profits.  I sell out usually every Tuesday, and have a handful of leftovers for Wednesday, when demand drops off a bit but prices remain very aggressive for the sellers.  Further, our crystal supply is depleted so badly that prices for buying them remain trashy until about Friday when things settle down, hence the reason I do my buying over the weekends.  Just a few weeks ago the things were up over 725g per on a Tuesday.

But this weekend was different.  People were porting here to try to raid and/or save/make money.  As crazy as this server gets, it was just a buyer’s paradise.  Blackrock is coming out, and people want to insure that they are free of materials because 6.1 is going to change everything!  The sky is falling!  Time to dump those mats!  And 6.1 hasn’t even been announced for release yet.  And people like me with bankrolls will absorb that risk, provided we know what we’re doing and can take the hit if it comes.

I’m confident I know what I’m doing (MY server here, not a blanket assessment), because even if 6.1 doesn’t make another change, the cost of dust is going to skyrocket so people will be prevented from getting those shards cheaply and easily for the daily.  People can also select spirits in lieu of the fractured crystals, which boil down to 4 work orders without a follower?  Additionally, who in their right mind will exchange spirits for anything but Savage Bloods?  There are upgrades to be had, 3 full tiers of them and they don’t require one or 2, they will require 60 of the things PER piece to go Stage 1 to Stage 4.  For many people, these upgrades are going to remain BIS for a while until their guild is capable of actually killing Heroic Blackrock bosses and proceed into Mythic.  That’s a tall order, and on Illidan if you aren’t trying to be the best, your ass is just asking to ride the bench on progression nights.  And Savage Bloods will crater in value, and I’ll still make a mint.

Good luck to those of you raiding Blackrock this week, and if you’re on Illidan don’t forget to buy your enchants and gems from me, I’ve got plenty in stock.

Thanks for stopping in!

Powerleveling in Draenor

My screenshot says it all:

This screenshot also shows the order in which they hit 100.  I kept shuffling them as I went, and my priest (my Vanilla/TBC main) ended up being dead last.  Amazing how that works.

I hit my 11th 100 on December 26th, so one month and 13 days while working, raiding, and a little lack of sleep.  These were 100% leveled by hand, no chicanery here.  No dual boxing.  No carries.  I’m presently working on my 2nd account of 100s and am at 97, 95, 94, and the rest being 90/91 and everyone has a garrison opened.

Why would I need 22 garrisons?  Well, why WOULDN’T I want 22?

I didn’t buy a guide or anything, I wasn’t in beta, and my friends were of almost no help with what to do.  One friend can testify that about the 3rd week I was having a nervous breakdown trying to figure out the best possible path.  It took me about 3 characters before it all started to click, and I mastered every zone’s leveling path.

In past expansions, I found the best possible paths that made sense, and this one threw me a curve with all the different options.  I absolutely LOVE to do all the zones entirely my first go-around, and then afterwards, it’s all business.  I recommend always seeing the story before doing this, because you’re going to miss about half the zone when you’re just focused on getting through it.

The Best and the Worst of Draenor

Shortest Zone:  Gorgrond.  This thing was sadly about an hour each time because I spent a ton of time finishing what I needed to do in Frostfire Ridge.

Longest Zone:  Frostfire Ridge.  This place feels like 5 hours but it’s only 2.  Go figure.  Maybe it’s the layout?

Trickiest Questline Zone:  Nagrand hands down.  There’s 2 different paths in the zone that converge.  Best advice, head to Elements as soon as you get business done with the Talbuks/Clefthoofs.  This is my 98-100 path every single time now.  So many treasures and bonus objectives you hit 100 without thinking about it.

Worst Class:  Mage.  I tried frost and arcane.  They hit like wet noodles even WITH gear on!  I know, better in raids, but leveling them made me sad for those who HAD to do them first.  This was the first class I ever leveled in WoW, too, I know what I’m doing.  Unholy DK was a close second.

Best Class:  Outside of my Paladin main?  Frost Death Knight.  These little bastards are back with a vengeance.  2-3 shot everything all the way to 100?  Yes please, I’ll take another.  As soon as I swapped from crappy Unholy it was hard for me to stop playing him.

Biggest Rare Bastard:  That shithead strider in Zangarra.  3 of my classes had real trouble on him at level, and for a crappy trinket.  A close followup is Gar’lua in Nagrand.  Nobody died to her but she’s pretty strong for a nice trinket.

Best Follower:  Without going out of my way to get one?  I’ll nominate Blook.  The quest text is sorta priceless.  Creeperbot 8000 is a good one, too.  Reminds me of some goldmaker personalities out there.

Saddest Quest:  The frostridge pup looking for his parents.  But sorta happy ending.  I don’t bother with this one during leveling anymore because it’s a side quest but first time through it was sad.

Best Cinematic:  I liked Blackhand, I know everyone else likes Thrall/Garrosh.

Best Zone Perk:  Hands down the corral.  I made the siege machine mistake ONCE. Runner up is the air assault in Talador.

Best Advice for Frostridge Elites:  Call to Arms.  FFS use it, tradechat noobs.  Noone needs help with elites.

Zerohour’s Words of Wisdom for Powerleveling Draenor

1) Excess potions cost 100 garrison resources each, and they are best served at full rested.  You will get the resources to buy them every 1000 minutes, which is about 17 hours.  Make sure you empty your garrison cache every 3.5 days before it fills up entirely.  If you are resource starved at 100, see #3.

2) Let the characters get rested.  Being full rested at 90 will burn out entirely at level 96.  Full rested at 96 will burn out halfway between 99 and 100.  Early 97 is the best place to park to be rested for the rest of the journey.  I cycled all characters for maximum rested and efficiency – because 1000xp for a mob kill beats 500 any day of the week.  Rested also counts with treasures.

3) Get the following addons:

* Handynotes, with Draenor treasures
* RestPlus for Titan
* Ovale (yeah, because I really want to research 11 different classes, easier to just phone it in on the ones I never play)

4) Stay on the questline.  The questline is the MAIN story, not the side stories of “get my dog out of the tree” and “Little Jimmy wants his gun back”.  You recognize these quests as the ones that have followups and send you to other quest hubs.  Those that are one and done are pretty much irrelevant, although there are some nice bonus onesies in Talador.

5) If there’s a bonus objective in your way, complete it.  And always with Excess Potions.

6) Get rid of those stupid Barracks as soon as you can and replace it with War Mill Rank 1.  This gives you stronger quest rewards and in Nagrand you will probably hit close to 615 ilvl if you complete the whole zone.  You can build Barracks again at 100 when you will have a need for missions.

7) Avoid doing missions with the exception of bonus garrison resources (free).  XP missions are sometimes nice, but I tend to only be in my garrison at even levels (92/94/96/98) so not worth keeping track.

8) Try to get out of the zones at even levels.

* Frostfire Ridge – 92, or when you get Garrison Rank 2, whichever comes last.
* Gorgrond – 94,  or when you get Kaz after killing Inyu, whichever comes last.
* Talador – 96, or when you get the follower from the ogre quest, whichever comes last.
* Spires – 98, or when you get Kimzee, whichever comes last.

The reason is that the zone’s experience and mob kill rewards are tuned for lesser levels, so you will have a slower climb once you are too high for the zone.  The next zone immediately starts the experience buff again.  Basically, there’s nothing cool about questing Talador at 98, this is about speed and not completionist tendencies.

9) I found it took about 1.5 hours per zone to complete them once I figured out my route, therefore bring 2 hours of every buff.  Drums, foods, excess potions, elixirs.  If you have to leave the zone it just slows you down.  When you’re ready to move on to the next zone always hearth, don’t just run into it.  This gives time to reload mats and get the free flight.

10) Rares are great to kill, but only if they’re in the way and not out of the way.  If you can’t kill the rare and it wipes you and noone can help, move on.  Some classes really suck against some rares, come back and waste them at 100.

11)  Look for paths that make sense to you time wise.  Example:  Get a quest done while picking up 3-4 treasures and then working into the bonus objective.  Talador is loaded with these opportunities.  Maximize your opportunity in the area.

12) Gear is replaced almost entirely every 4 levels if you start Draenor in trash.  If you have BOAs from SoO use them.  I have every DPS version of BOA in the game (some duplicates for dual wielding) and at about 95 is when they are better than Mythic Warforged weapons.  Don’t waste time or money enchanting gear unless they are BOAs.

13) Realize that everything you will be missing in the zones will be waiting for you at 100.  You can always go back and finish things and it will be a little faster than doing it at level.  That’s half the fun for me.

14) VERY important, and thanks Stede for reminding me this was my big piece of advice to him – do zones in waves.  Boring sometimes, important yes.  Essentially you want to take the same level characters through zones over and over.  This means taking 92’s from Gorgrond through Talador to 96/97 after each other.  This will make the zone fresh in your mind and you can find your way around faster.  Less shifting gears, more finding efficiencies.  Your first character will be difficult to get around with, but by character 4 or 5, you’re becoming a pro at it.

I look forward to seeing others with 11 toons at 100, I’ll let you know when I finish the back loop.  I deleted a 90 on that account and have to finish that one the hard way.  Stupid dreams of Herald of the Titans, when will I learn!?

Thanks for stopping by!

Zerohour looks like he has too much time on his hands, but the bags under his eyes tell a different story. He should write a guide.

5.4 Release Notes

Those of you that endured the summer of discontent and got to see a long summer where there really wasn’t any massive goldmaking to be had have been waiting for Tuesday.  Before I share my thoughts, a quick aside.

Back in late June, I really got into pet battling.  So much so that as of this writing I’m #25 on Illidan on Warcraft Pets.  Notice I don’t collect trash pets like the majority (trash being poors to uncommons just to have them), I collect rares or those pets that are very desired by breed, thus making me a true blueblood pet breed snob from hell.  Part of the beauty of being someone with truckloads of gold across multiple servers and not giving a crap anymore is that I can shop bargains for Battle Stones and build a stable of pets that I really want!  Additionally, I love leveling them.  And thanks to Battle Pets I now have:

* 4 more 90s leveled for a total of 15 (started pet dailies at 85-87, amazing easy xp)
* Several characters on my main server with over 1000 lesser charms.  In fact, in total, I’m sitting at over 3000.
* Something fun to do between queues

The lesser charm one I thought was amusing.  I have enough charms to do Greater Charm turn-ins for 20 solid weeks.  That’s 60 bonus rolls in the upcoming raids.  I stopped at over 1000 on each just because the number sounded good.

I figured out the majority of the mechanics behind PvE, and have some very interesting information I haven’t seen elsewhere with readers.  I just have to actually do it – and between my new job and doing everything I like to do when I’m not working, honestly the last thing I think about is writing anything.

So…  5.4 comes out Tuesday.  Garrosh finally goes down, and he’s only been hated since every Horde player hit Nagrand over 6 years ago.  I hope he dies well.  That is, you see him explode into bits and pieces and Thrall takes a piss on his ashes and Jaina launches the rest of him into the sun with a cannon as payback for Theramore.  I would demand playback on that cinematic for a month.  I haven’t really been reading patch notes, I like surprises.  But if this happens then I guess I think like a Blizz dev.

Something all of you should keep in mind:

* Littering the AH the minute the servers come up with PvE gems and enchants is probably stupid *

No, it IS stupid.  Even dumber will be camping the AH cancel/reposting.  Just like 5.2 release, there is no LFR until week 2.  And even more similar, the LFR is staggered again over 6 weeks.  The audience in the first week will be those people who are raiding the very first tier of the new content, so unless you’re trying to sell to guilds like Blood Legion or Method or Midwinter or other major progression guilds (who probably all have their own people lined up to supply them within their own guilds), there’s really no target audience the first week.

LFR is huge business.  The vast, vast majority of players in game today are using LFR as their chief source of “raiding”.  I don’t care how you feel one way or another about the mechanic, it’s here to stay because it’s the best possible method for Blizzard to offer content to everyone, offer effective catchup mechanics, and make people feel like they are progressing.  Therefore, this is the target for all gold makers because they are probably only running with one 90, no JC/Enchanter, and are working on mining because they need money.

PvP will be a different matter.  Players that are still into that aspect of the game will probably be cashing in Honor the first week, so these are going to be your real focus.

I say all this, and I know everyone reading is probably mindlessly clicking Restock/Craft Next without paying attention to what the actual prices or opportunities are.  Be smart, make more.

I personally hope everyone that doesn’t have 2 brain cells to rub together posts everything and sells out the first week and either breaks even or worse (while they destroy another keyboard with all the drool), the real gold is going to be made in weeks #2 and #3.  Hope you have a stockpile like me!

If anything, you should have a nice Sha Crystal stockpile set up.  Unless there’s a cheese mechanic to get them for free.  And then you’re screwed!

Stockpiling for 6.0

How long will 5.4 be around?  This is the last tier of this expansion, right?  Sure, they may do a minor patch in between now and next release, but the assumption right now is that we’ll see the expansion announcement at Blizzcon and then within the next year we’ll see the next expansion.

What this means to you is that there’s a window that we’ll have to guess at as to how long to be selling and then how long to hold onto things for the next expansion.  Nobody really liked talking about Cata stockpiling, but who today would like to have purchased all the Hypnotic Dust in existence the week before MoP came out?  There are a few things to keep hold of, and we’ll figure all that out in the coming months.

Unanswered Questions for 5.4

Are we at a point yet where we can make feasts profitably?
Will 5.4 give all the cooks that opportunity?
Is anyone still using the Black Market Auction House?
Where the hell are the epic gems?
Is Caverns of Time really finished now?  I mean nobody’s said anything since Cata!
Why didn’t we get a Pet Battles PvP rating system or ladder?  Seriously?
Are Pet Battles the future of the most rewarding dailies?
How long before they release fused realms and will they finally put the bullet in the head of the worst invention in the history of Warcraft by removing it entirely forever – CRZ?
Why is the item level difference between Heroic and LFR practically in a different expansion tier?  I know, they’re gonna “smoosh” stats sometime.
Is anyone interested in teaming up (Horde side) and knocking out previous raid tier achievements?  I was looking at my achievements on my main and got kinda sad!

Have a nice patch!